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Mancora neuletakki -40 €, päättyy 19.5.
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TITICACA, sailing high

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Once upon a time, the Sun god gave two of his children a mission: to look for a land to establish his empire. Thus, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo started walking and continued until Manco’s golden scepter finally sank into a fertile land as his father told him it would when they arrived at the right place. The children of the Sun then started what would become the greatest pre-hispanic empire in South America, having left behind the lake they emerged from, Lake Titicaca.

Statue of Manco Capac

Photo by AgainErick

It is believed that the first Incan people were descendants from an important civilization who occupied the land near the lake. It is easy to relate the greatness of the Incan empire to the majesty of the Lake Titicaca.

Located over 3800 meters above sea level, along the border between Peru and Bolivia, this body of water is the highest navigable lake in the world. 8372 square kilometers of beautiful views and memorable experiences.

Taking a boat ride means leaving behind not only the mainland but also the world as we know it to become immersed in a world of ancestral customs.

Small boat at lake Titicaca


The endless blue of the horizon gets suddenly broken by hundreds of floating reed islands. Their inhabitants, the Uros people, wearing traditional bright-colored clothing, welcome you with an enthusiastic “Waliki!”, the local language for “hi, how are you?”. This unique floating lifestyle was started by their ancestors, the Aymaras, when running away from the Incan conquest. They found shelter in the lake, among the totora reeds. Their interesting history and daily life are expressed in the patterns of their outstanding handmade textiles.


Uros island at lake Titicaca

The natural islands are as impressive as the reed-made ones. Long uphill walks are rewarded by the most breathtaking view of the sunshine reflecting on a massive body of water whose only limits are the faraway mountains and the sky above.

The welcoming islanders and their amazing customs endear themselves to every visitor. Knitting is one of the outstanding traditions of the Taquile people, but maybe unusually for us, here it is done mainly by men. Every item they craft has a specific purpose and their mastery in this art will define their ability to face adulthood.

Taquileños Knitting

Photo: Bcasterline

It doesn’t matter which island, a homestay is a memorable experience... Being awakened by the singing birds and crowing roosters, −or a noisy donkey−. Sheltering inside warm adobe houses and cozying up in your bed under six blankets when it is windy, raining, or even hailing outside. Eating delicious homemade food, playing soccer with locals, or having a traditional party. Amazing days that culminate with the most divine sunsets, like the Sun father is sending his kids to bed.

Sunset at lake Titicaca

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Classy Ara virtual tour guide Ara was born and raised in Peru. Since she was a little girl, she has written skillfully and always loved to travel. In recent years, he has worked in translation studios and in the travel industry. Ara says her work is a passion and a way of life, which is also reflected in the Peru-themed "virtual travel" articles for Classy.