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Classy Club benefit program

By choosing Classy, ​​you support responsible garment manufacturing. As a thank you, we invite you to join the Classy Club benefit program. The intention is not that you buy more and unnecessary clothes. We still encourage "Buy less, buy better" - such as high-quality Classy domestic knits.

You can collect points for the Classy Club advantage program, for example, by writing an evaluation of the product you bought in the Classy online store. You get nice points as a reward for it. With the points you earn, you get discounts and other benefits.


Joining costs nothing, and no purchase is required!

Regardless, you get 200 points as a sign-up gift. It's a great start to your Classy Club membership.


When you buy Classy knits or scarves, you always get five points for every euro you spend.

Any product- or collection-specific additions or deductions are always clearly stated separately.


When you write a product review for the product you bought, you get 200 points as a reward. You will receive an email prompt to write a review a few days after receiving the product.

Evaluating the product is useful not only for you, but also for others interested in Classy products.


Visit the online store selection and possible offers from time to time. You will receive 20 points as a reward for your visit. Easy!

Our products are designed to be timeless, and the selection does not change every month, but every now and then something new comes out.


You can use your points to redeem a discount code that you can use at the checkout of the online store. Cannot be combined with other discounts. Points are required for the discount code as follows:

€5 discount 500 points
€10 discount 1000 points
€20 discount 2000 points
€50 discount 5000 points

More detailed information about collecting points and benefits can be found in the contract terms of the Classy Club benefits program.

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Did you want to earn points in another way? Or do you have any wishes regarding benefits? Or something completely different to tell?

Let us know and we can develop our Classy Club benefits program.