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Terms and conditions of the Classy Club benefits program

These terms and conditions apply to the contractual relationship between consumer customers and Classy Oy (hereinafter "Classy") concerning the Classy Club benefit program. By joining the Classy Club benefit program, you agree to these terms. These terms supersede previous terms.

In addition to the contract terms of the Classy Club benefit program, other contract terms of the online store apply.


Becoming a member

Any person over the age of 18 can become a member of the Classy Club benefits program by registering in the online store. Joining is free and requires no purchase. Membership is personal.

The person applying for membership must provide the information requested on the form up to date, and update the information whenever necessary.

Classy reserves the right not to accept membership.


Collecting points

The member must log in to his account so that he can earn points in connection with a purchase transaction or in another way. As an exception to this, upon joining, the member can receive points for purchases made within 30 days from the time of joining. In other cases, points are not awarded retrospectively for purchases made as a visitor or for other actions entitling to points.

There is no limit to the number of points you can earn. The points balance is visible at the top of the dashboard of the Classy Club benefits program.

Points can be earned for the following actions:


Becoming a member

You get 200 points for joining as a member.


Purchase of products

Points are given from the total amount of the purchase, 5 points per euro spent. For example, you get 750 points for a €150 purchase.


Product review

When you rate a product you bought on the website, you get 200 points as a reward. You can review each product you buy separately and you will get points for all of them.


Visiting the online store

When you visit the online store, you get 20 points. You can earn these points once a month.


Acceptance of points

You will receive the points 14 days after the payment of the order, before that they will appear in "Waiting" mode. This is to avoid problems caused by canceled orders or product returns.

Points awarded by a canceled order or returned products are displayed in the "Cancelled" status. These points are not added to the balance. If the points had already been added, they will be deducted from the points balance, in which case the number of points may go negative.

The above applies to cancellations or returns made by both the member himself and a recommended friend.

The status of the passed points is "Passed". These points can be redeemed as benefits immediately.


Redemption of benefits

Points can be used to redeem benefits.

Discount codes

Collected points can be redeemed as discount codes to be used at the checkout of the online store. Each collected and accepted 100 points corresponds to a discount of 1 euro. For example, with 1000 points you can claim a discount code worth €10.

Discount codes can be redeemed in increments: €5, €10, €20 and €50. You can redeem those for which you have enough points.

The discount code cannot be combined with other discounts given at the checkout of the online store, i.e. neither with other discount codes nor with automatic discounts.

Points cannot be exchanged directly for money.

Other benefits

In addition to discount codes, other benefits may be available, such as product rewards or special offers that are only valid for members. The number of benefits available, as well as the number of points needed to redeem them, may vary depending on the campaigns currently in progress.


Customer communication and personal data processing

Classy Club benefit program customer communication to members takes place via e-mail and announcements on the website. By accepting these terms, you agree that Classy can send you benefits, member and customer communications by email and when visiting the website.

Personal information related to membership is processed in accordance with Classy's Privacy and data protection statement.


Termination of membership

The member can terminate his membership of the Classy Club benefit program immediately at any time by notifying Classy by email to At the end of the membership, the member will lose all unused accumulated points. If the member joins again later, the score starts from zero.

Classy can fire a member with three months' notice. However, Classy can immediately terminate a member without notice due to misuse of membership, violation of these terms and conditions or other terms of the online store.


Changing Terms

Classy reserves the right to change the content and terms of the Classy Club benefit program. Members will be notified of material changes no later than one month in advance, either by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the member or on the website. The notification is considered received the day after sending the email or seven days after the notification has been published on the website.

Latest update 11 April 2021. The collection of points from the recommendation has been removed.