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Gift certificate

Gift card order

You can order a gift card from the online store like any other product. There are several gift cards available with different values ​​between €50 and €250.

The gift card will be delivered to you by e-mail when the payment has been made, in practice immediately when using the online bank. Delivery is free of charge.

Please note that normal discount codes do not work when paying for gift cards.

Gift certificate

The e-mail delivered to you contains only a short cover letter and a link to the gift card. You can forward the e-mail you received to the recipient of the gift card - suitably edited with a congratulatory text, of course.

Alternatively, you can click on the link and print the gift card, in which case you can mail it or give the gift card in person.

Gift card redemption

A gift card is practically a code equivalent to money worth its nominal value, which is used at the checkout of an online store. Enter the code in the place reserved for it on the Payment method page, and click "Use". You can use two different codes in the same purchase.

If the gift card does not cover the entire total amount of the order, the remaining part is paid in the normal way via online banking or another desired payment method.

Any unused balance can be used later, in the next order. The gift card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

When paying with a gift card, all normal discount codes work, if any.

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