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Men's knitwear

Men's cardigans and sweaters are made of 100% baby alpaca, this finer and better quality yarn than normal alpaca. Our collection of men's knitwear is not yet very extensive, but you will find reliable clothing for many different needs.

High-quality and easy-care sweater

A sweater made of alpaca wool is of high quality because alpaca wool is very soft, durable and warm. In addition, it is easy to care for.

Feel the softness and comfort of alpaca wool

The softness of alpaca wool is the result of the alpaca fiber being thinner and smoother than the wool of many other animals. Alpaca wool is also hypoallergenic, which means it's great for sensitive skin. It's worth trying even if a merino wool sweater or other sweaters made from sheep's wool are not suitable for you.

A warm sweater for cold weather

Alpaca wool sweaters are warm when you need it. The alpaca has adapted to live in very challenging conditions in the Andes mountains, where temperatures can vary rapidly. This means that alpaca wool is naturally warmer than many other wools. The heat-insulating properties of alpaca wool are due to the structure of its fiber. Alpaca wool consists of long, thin, smooth and hollow fibers. This construction effectively insulates heat, heat stays close to the body, so it keeps you warm in cold climates.

Easy care sweater

Alpaca woolen products only rarely need to be washed, just airing is usually enough. And they don't even pinch easily. Therefore, they are very easy to care for. Read more in the care instructions .

Timeless and classic sweater

Classy's classic sweaters are timeless and stylish pieces of clothing that you can wear in many different situations. They have simple and clear lines in common, high-quality 100% baby alpaca material and neutral colors. Every Classy sweater is simple and stylish, and you can wear it both at work and in your free time. They never go out of fashion, and last year after year.

Capsule wardrobe sweater

Keep the amount of clothes to a minimum and only wear clothes that can be combined in many different ways for different occasions. A sweater or pair is part of every season's capsule wardrobe. You can use Classy's high-quality knitwear in many different situations and combine it with many different clothes. Buy less, buy better. And wear longer.