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PARACAS, a, ocean Paradise

  • 2 min read

Seven hundred years before Christ there was a civilization on the Southern Peruvian coast called Paracas.

They were known for their skills in irrigation engineering −in their desert territory−, and trepanation (a surgical intervention that consisted of making a hole through the skull to treat brain damage or the skull itself).

Today when we talk about this society, the first thing we think of is its tapestries. Specifically, fine handmade textiles mainly used in burial rituals to wrap their dead in layers. These “mummy bundles” included offerings that, depending on the status, could include food, ceramics, tools, even gold ornaments so that they can have the best in the afterlife.

Classy Paracas textile

Since funerary practices were very important, the Paracas mastered this textile art. They are considered the best of the pre-Columbian cultures in this field. They used cotton they grew themselves, fine vicuna and alpaca fibers, and feathers they traded from the highlands and jungle. The techniques used in their embroideries and dyeing are proof of their expertise.

The territory occupied by this civilization now houses the National Reserve of Paracas, a magical place!

Sounds of birds wake you early to explore.  A short boat ride takes you to islands, inhabited by a vast array of aquatic life, safely protected by strange rock formations. Encounter noisy sea lions, friendly dolphins, cute Humbolt penguins, and more than two hundred types of birds! This lively environment is surrounded by isolated beaches and dunes preserving mysteries.  “The Chandelier” is a 180-meter long geoglyph whose origin and purpose are still a mystery. Impressively, it is over 2500 years old!

Classy The Chandelier at Paracas


It is impossible not to be astonished by such a beautiful landscape. Wander the boulevard with the cheerful ambiance of the restaurants and souvenirs stores. Lose yourself in the peaceful sound of the waves while walking along the seashore getting your feet wet. Your only interruption, a naughty pelican, or the rowdy seagulls around.  

What better way to finish your day than the peaceful view of the faraway lights and the fishing boats bobbing rhythmically in the quiet ocean. The calm practically smoothens the music from a hipster bar nearby.

Classy Paracas fishing Boats

The ancestral textile techniques of the Paracas and the relaxing atmosphere of their land have inspired Classy’s creation of the Paracas alpaca thin sweater.

Feel the fibers of Peru on your skin by wearing the fine and beautiful Classy’s knitwear.

Sincerely yours,



Classy Ara virtual tour guide Ara was born and raised in Peru. Since she was a little girl, she has written skillfully and always loved to travel. In recent years, he has worked in translation studios and in the travel industry. Ara says her work is a passion and a way of life, which is also reflected in the Peru-themed "virtual travel" articles for Classy.