KESÄALE jopa -40 %

KESÄALE jopa -40 %

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Black or Green Friday?

  • 2 min read

Black Friday is perhaps the biggest discount and consumption celebration, where customers are tried to get big, or at least seemingly big, discounts to buy products that they might not need in the end. Can a brand that favors responsible consumption, which still has the slogan "Buy less, buy better" as its motto, participate in such futility? This is what we at Classy have been thinking about now, practically on the eve of the first Black Friday.

Others have thought about this as well, and the backlash has come from e.g. Buy Nothing Day, Green Friday, Blue Friday and Bright Friday.

Green Friday demonstration

Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

For many people, the reduced price can be the factor that enables responsible consumption in general. Does it then matter what the reason for starting the discount campaign was at each time?

Difficult questions and so at Classy we decided to leave the decision-making up to you. During the Black Friday weekend, we sell all products with a -20% discount , but at the same time we offer you the opportunity to give us some, or even all, back as service money, i.e. as a tip. For our part, we promise to donate the amount of service money to combat climate change. Classy doesn't have a money collection permit, so that's why this service money, for which we pay VAT as normal.

Buying or not buying and whether or not to give service money is entirely your decision, all decisions are ok. As long as you don't go and buy unnecessary and poorly durable fast fashion at a 50% discount!

PS The minimum purchase entitling to the discount is €50.

(This campaign was valid in 2020.)