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Mancora neuletakki -40 €, päättyy 19.5.
Ollanta ja Cusco puserot -50 €

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Sources of quality

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Finding good and reliable suppliers of materials and products, as well as service providers, is always a challenge. Classy has found such, and sticks to them. Below is a little information about each of our suppliers.

Alpaca yarn - Inca Tops S.A.

From the beginning, all the alpaca yarn used in Classy's knitwear has been supplied by Inca Tops, a Peruvian company operating in the city of Arequipa. Inca Tops was selected as Classy's supplier based on tests. From the yarn samples we ordered from different yarn manufacturers, test pieces were knitted on different knitting surfaces, and at the same time the functionality of each yarn was tested in the knitting machines. After that, the final choice was made by blindly feeling the surface of the knits, and the ones made with Inca Tops yarns had the softest and most pleasant feeling. Inca Tops wasn't the cheapest, but it was the best, so it was chosen.

Inca Tops acquires the raw material of the yarn, i.e. alpaca wool, from alpaca breeders, which are small Peruvian family farms. After that, Inca Tops does the sorting, washing, combing, spinning and dyeing. In the end, the dyed yarns are made into various rwisted hanks, donut balls and peanut balls of yarn for consumer customers, and yarn cones for industrial use.

The yarns have the Oeko-Tex standard 100 certificate, in addition to which Inca Tops received the Responsible Alpaca Standard certificate in 2022, which covers the entire origin chain of alpaca fiber.

Inca Tops yarn spinning

Knitting - UAB Garlita

The yarns are delivered to Garlita in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania, where they are knitted into Classy-designed cardigans, sweaters, beanies and pants. All of Classy's cardigans, sweaters and headbands are made by Garlita, as well as the beanie models Chachani, Misti and Pukarani.

Garlita is a family business that was founded in 1990. Since then, Garlita has grown into a fairly large player. They have invested in responsible production, striving towards production that does not generate waste. In addition, they have invested in their own solar panels for electricity production, and e.g. for successfully reducing water consumption by as much as 70 percent thanks to the new washing technology.

Garlita has a vision to be the number one European knitwear company in terms of sustainable production, innovation, quality and service.


Garlita knitting machines


Garlita employees at work


Knitting - Nevil Oy

Some of the ordered alpaca yarns find their way to Tampere, where Nevil has manufactured knitted products since 1961. For Classy, ​​Nevil knits some of the beanie models - currently the beanies produced by Nevil are Uros, Suasi, Esteves and Taquile.

Knitting factory Tampere


Scarves - MFH Knits SAC

Woven scarves are a different product group than knitwear, as they are purchased ready-made. We order all scarves from Peru, where they are made for Classy by MFH Knits. The scarf materials for them come from the yarn factory of the same group, Michell Group.


Fabric labels - Tuotenauha Oy

All Classy brands, size labels and care instructions for knitted products are made by Tuotenauha from Lahti.

Fabric labels - Etiquetas Zalaquet

Labels for woven scarves are made by Etiquetas Zalaquett from Peru.


Zippers - Coats Eesti AS

The high-quality Opti zippers of the Arequipa cardigan are manufactured by Coats in Estonia.


Buttons - Mircale Trims (Shanghai)

The Chinese company Mircale Trims was found to be the manufacturer of the branded buttons made specifically for Classy.


Printed products - Kirjapaino Kari Ky

Cardboard price tags for products are printed by Kirjapaino Kari in Jyväskylä. They also make other printed products, fair supplies, etc. for Classy's needs.