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Bringing Classy to

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Classy has reached a big milestone when it was chosen as one of the online stores to join, a marketplace selling responsible fashion. Classy's responsibly made alpaca wool sweaters fit perfectly into Weecos, where you can find many responsible Finnish brands. Being included in Weecos is a great recognition of what has been Classy's goal from the beginning, bringing responsibly produced products to a larger audience and at the same time bringing out information about what responsible fashion means and how it is reflected in Classy's products.

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How to recognize responsible fashion?

In today's society and world, more and more people have woken up to notice that so-called fashion by the dozen or fast fashion and cheap clothes are not responsibly produced and manufactured products. Buyers are increasingly interested in where and how the garment is made and where and how the materials used in it were produced. There is a lot of talk about responsible fashion, but many do not necessarily know what it actually means. Responsibility in fashion does not only mean issues related to the environment, but also related social aspects. Responsibility can be measured, for example, by transparent production, the use of responsible materials, fair working conditions, a smaller carbon footprint, the sustainability of product sales, and planning that takes sustainable development into account. Production transparency is not always possible, because in cotton production, for example, it is not necessarily possible to trace the cotton to a specific field.

When talking about non-responsible fashion, their biggest problem is usually the inferior working conditions of the employees or the non-responsible production of the materials used. These are things that the consumer cannot see when the material of the product originates from abroad and the product is also manufactured abroad. Companies that manufacture responsible fashion, on the other hand, are ready to open up the entire production and manufacturing chain to their customers, which shows that the product purchased by the customer is really a responsible product according to all standards.

Classy will make a responsibility report at the end of 2020.

Responsible fashion is more sustainable than fast fashion

Of course, responsible fashion is more expensive than so-called fast fashion, but it is reciprocally also much more sustainable. By choosing, for example, timeless knits, you don't just buy them to wear for one season, but they become your trusted clothes that will last for many years if treated correctly. Classy's slogan "Buy less, buy better" briefly and succinctly tells what the core idea of ​​responsible fashion is. You no longer look for cheap but short-lived products in your wardrobe, but rather domestically produced and manufactured clothes from brands, even if they cost a little more.

Classy's alpaca wool sweaters show both timelessness and versatility. The Alpaca wool used by Classy is responsibly produced, both in terms of raising alpacas and manufacturing the yarn. The names of the sweaters refer to Peru, where alpaca wool has been used in the production of clothes for centuries. Sweaters are suitable for use all year round and therefore they are usually the favorite clothes in the wardrobe. Sometimes it may happen that you want to buy your favorite sweater in another color as well. As long as it's a responsibly produced and manufactured sweater, you can afford it!




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