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Father's Day 2023

Father's Day is traditionally celebrated on the second Sunday of November, 12.11. It's every father's favorite autumn day!

Wondering what would be a good Father's Day gift? Check the status of your father's or grandfather's sweaters, beanies and neckerchiefs. Would he need a new one?

If you need to, remember - buy less, buy better. Classy's 100% alpaca wool products are a good and responsible choice for a Father's Day gift. They are made to withstand use and time. Below you will find some good ideas.

Order now, the products have fast and affordable delivery. In general, a package ordered on weekdays before 3:00 p.m. will arrive on the next weekday.

Gift ideas for Father's Day

Apurimac neck scarf

The simple and clear Apurimac neck scarf is perfect for all men, both young fathers and slightly older ones.

The dimensions of the scarf are 30 x 180 cm. With a suitable size, it does not hang under the hem of the jacket, but the length is enough for different ways of using the scarf.

Apurimac is made by weaving high-quality 100% Premium baby alpaca, which is a really soft, yet wear-resistant material. It is luxuriously soft and warm, and also suitable for sensitive skin

There are seven colors to choose from, and there is sure to be something suitable for everyone.

Male beanie

Does your spouse dream of expeditions on the high seas? Let him be the Cousteau of his own life, and go on a journey with the red beanie.

If not for a research trip, then at least for a trip to his own father or father-in-law (and maybe to take him a similar beanie).

Uros is a classic beanie for men with attitude. The low model leaves the ears bare, but otherwise warms comfortably. It is the choice of the style-conscious!

If you need something warmer than Uro, or otherwise something different, don't worry. Classy's beanie selection has seven different beanies and each one has several different colors. So there is plenty of choice.


Cusco sweater

Cusco is a medium-weight sweater knitted from two yarns. Or would the right choice be a thinner Paracas, or a really thick and plushly warm Colca?

Or would a zip-up cardigan Apurimac be the most preferred? Sure, any of these would suit him.

All Classy knits are made from 100% baby alpaca using responsibly produced Peruvian and Ökö-Tex 100 certified yarn. Knitwear is manufactured in Lithuania, beanies are also made in Finland.

Gift wrapping

You will receive a Father's Day gift ready-packaged in a simple, stylish package.

The product you choose is wrapped in white tissue paper and slipped into a package bag, which is closed with a cloth gift ribbon. This gift package is still packed in a cardboard box, which protects it during the trip.

Delivery can be made directly to the recipient's address if you cannot take it yourself.

Remember then that Posti's notifications will be sent to the phone number and email address provided in the order. If they are yours, be sure to inform the recipient of the gift! Also remember that the pick-up point selection linked to the phone number given in OmaPosti overrides all address information.

A gift card for Father's Day

Sometimes the best gift choice is a gift card for the online store. A gift card is a good choice when you can't decide on the most suitable gift yourself, or if you don't have the time required for delivery. A gift card in the amount you choose will be delivered by email automatically immediately after ordering. It is a ready-made gift without printing or forwarding. Dad or grandpa can then explore our selection in complete peace and choose the product he likes best.